the Architects
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Album Cover "Music" by the Architects
Released November 7, 2007

Electrifying album!

Introducing, "Music," the exhilarating debut by 
indie rock band, the Architects. The album delivers electrifying performances of original classic rock.

Exceptional guitar wizardry.

Music features striking guitar riffs and exhilarating solos played masterfully among compelling, dynamic arrangements. Tom Verlaine would be proud!

The lyrics are passionately sung with simple melodies that are tastefully embedded among a hurricane of distorted guitars and heart thumping bass lines.

Straight ahead explosive drums that would 
make Keith Moon proud!

One things for sure the Architects provide the listener with a well crafted set of electrifying songs 
with its debut, music.

Most importantly, give 'music' a listenif you like what you hear, buy the album!

"Music" is available for purchase directly from Paint Can Records using Paypal. Buy now and get free shipping!

*please note: You do not need a Paypal account to purchase.

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